Safe, Socially Distanced Learning Pods

COVID-19 school closures are looming (again), and busy parents need a safe, dependable way to keep their children from falling behind without breaking the bank.

Learning Pods supported by Jill’s Tutors helps connect your child to small groups of 4-6+ kids, led by a certified teacher or teacher-in-training. Get a superior, socially distanced co-op learn-at-home experience!


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Be sure to check out our forum, The Learning Pod Connection, dedicated solely to helping parents and guardians find pods and other pod members in their area. It's a totally free community. No commitment. No obligation.

Parents Look to Socially Distanced
Learning Pods for 2021-2022 School Year


For parents who are concerned about the health of their children and their families amid COVID-19, there are some alternative options available.


While homeschooling remains a viable educational substitute for parents looking to continue quarantining, many families are also looking to socially distanced learning pods as well.


So, what are socially distanced learning pods?


These “pods” or “bubbles” are a way for two to three families to agree to socialize with one another, but no one else in order to cut down on exposure and risk to COVID-19. In these pods, families homeschool their children in one environment, while also creating a space for their children to socialize with regular playdates and activities.

Interested in setting up a learning pod of your own?


If you think your family may be interested in joining a socially distanced learning pod, there are a few things to consider first.

  1. Think about who you choose to approach: Who you choose to set up these socially distanced learning pods with is essential to the safety of everyone involved. To minimize your risk of catching and spreading COVID-19, you’ll want to find a family that is being as careful as yours. That means a family who is spending more time at home, limiting their social contact, and wearing protective face coverings when they go out in public.

  2. Consider a family that is low risk for complications from the virus: When picking a family to team up with, it’s important to consider everyone’s potential risk of complications from the virus. If a family is at a higher risk, it’s essential to make sure everyone involved is comfortable with the additional threats the pod poses.

  3. Keep it small: When it comes to socially distanced learning pods, the smaller the group the better. Aim for two to three families with 5 to 10 people involved. It’s important to remember that every additional person who joins adds a greater risk to the group.

  4. Pick a family that gets along well with your family: Chemistry is key in these pods. Not only is it important to make sure that your kids like each other, but that the parents get along as well. Consider the other family’s strengths and ask yourself if they will make this learning experience better for your family and sustainable for the school year. (If you're looking for other members to team up with and form a pod, be sure to check out our forum, the Pod Connection, specifically for linking pod families).


Once you have locked down another family or two for the pod, set up a Zoom or FaceTime with them to go over the ground rules. Come up with a set of guidelines for everyone to follow and a protocol if someone becomes sick or comes into contact with COVID-19.


You can even set up a two-week trial to make sure everyone gets along and is on the same page. Most importantly, everyone should feel free to make whatever decision is best for their family with no hard feelings involved.


Finally, settle on your educator. Whether you’ll be using a teacher from the school or working with an outside source, Jill’s Tutors has a wide variety of online tutors and educators available for all subjects and all levels of learning.


Simply call or text 512-598-5135 or email us at, and we’ll set you up with one of our talented educators.

Are you a teacher interested in leading a Learning Pod?

Jill's Tutors is in urgent need of qualified teachers/teachers-in-training and experienced tutors interested in leading learning pods.

If you are interested, please shoot us an e-mail at Please include a cover letter (in the e-mail body) and your resume.