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One of the biggest complaints about in the tutoring industry is the lack of transparency in pricing and hidden fees.


So we decided to be totally upfront about it. Here you go!

Session Rates

Tutoring is $55 per hour for an individual session, no matter the subject. Clients can choose to pay-as-you-go at this price.


After the first lesson, if you decide to purchase a discount bundle, we will happily apply the cost of the first lesson toward the total bundle cost.

Bundles & Discount Rates

All bundles are hourly packages. For example, if you purchase the 45-hour bundle, you have 45 hours of tutoring to use as you wish, per your desired schedule.


We require 50% of the total bundle price upfront. And 50% at the halfway mark. This helps ensure we can pay tutors!

Hourly Bundles
10 Sessions
15 Sessions
20 Sessions
30 Sessions
$27.50 saved!
$82.50 saved!
$165 saved!
$330 saved!
5% off
10% off
15% off
$20% off
Bundle Price
$522.50 total
$742.50 total
$935 total
$1,320 total
Price Per Hour
$52.25 per hour
$49.50 per hour
$46.75 per hour
$44 per hour
*Our rates are 10-25+% cheaper than most big tutoring companies (priced at $49-60+ per hour). Save hundreds over time!

Custom bundles and payment plans are available upon request. Please reach out with your questions and concerns.



Jill's Tutors is an award-winning teacher's network of teachers, top-of-class college students, educators, and professionals tutors in all subjects. We personally vet each one.


Whenever you're ready for tutoring, no matter the subject, simply give me a call. I'll find you a match, and put you in contact with your tutor to start.

Meet with your tutor directly. Tutors may have access to current curriculums and school lessons, so they can come prepared and informed.

Rate: See above.

One on One Lessons:


We offer in-home tutoring, along with on-site tutoring at local libraries, cafés, and more. We'll agree upon a convenient setting for you and set up a schedule.

Group Sessions:

Have a big test coming up? Set up a study session with school mates and friends and a qualified tutor. We may also have group sessions available. We inform clients by e-mail of their availability.

Rate: Call for info.

About Tutoring

Why Clients Love Us

No Placement Tests

We'll never make your child take a 2-hour "tutoring placement test" for $150+. We'll get you help straight away.

No Sneaky Upcharges

Our pricing is straight-forward. We'll never tack on any "at home" up-charges or obscure "fees" at the end of the month.

More Affordable

Our rates are as much as 25%+ cheaper than the big tutoring chains. Expert help doesn't have to break the bank.

Run By a Real Teacher 

At the helm of Jill's Tutors is a real, experienced teacher, tutor, and parent. You can talk to her anytime.