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Jill’s Tutors Would Like To Invite You To Join a Brand-New “Learning Pod”


If you feel like prolonged isolation is hurting your kids – and it’s breaking your heart – we have urgent news to share with you.


After months of preparation, the team at Jill’s Tutors is finally ready to launch a brand new in-home group tutoring service that we’re calling “Learning Pods.”


This alternative to public school will keep your kids safe, social, and on-track to re-integrating with their normal curriculum once this terrible virus is gone for good.


(And it’s better than online classes – but more on that later.)


Let me explain…


How Do “Learning Pods” Work And Why Are They So Effective?


When the Jill’s Tutors team first heard about the pandemic, we knew that something drastic would need to be done to keep kids safe.


We realized that, come September, we couldn’t expect parents to send their kiddos to school and hope that they don’t come into contact with Coronavirus.


So we decided to create an in-home group tutoring service that would help busy parents who don’t want to risk sending their kids back to public school – and help those kids maintain a healthy social life and good grades – without charging the crazy rates private tutoring companies are known for.


And just like that, Learning Pods were born.


To make the concept work, we determined that there are 3 criteria we would need to focus on:

  1. Small Class Size

    Study after study has demonstrated that classes should be no bigger than 15 students. More students than that and individuals can’t get the attention they need. But with the current American system, this is an impossible goal. There isn’t enough of a budget to expand schools. Or hire more teachers. Or get access to the materials needed to cut class sizes down. For these reasons, students will continue to be crammed into tiny classrooms like sardines, unable to escape the spread of COVID-19.

  2. Personalized Curriculum & Teaching Approach

    With smaller class sizes (4-6 students is ideal), educators can provide a personalized curriculum to each student. These educators can account for strengths, weaknesses, and personal situations. That way, they're sure every kid gets the attention they need to reach their full potential.

  3. Highly Skilled Teachers & Tutors

    A degree in education is far from the ultimate qualification. For a tutor or teacher to be effective, they have to keep learning themselves. That means staying up-to-date with the latest research in educational sciences. It also means seeking new certifications and keeping up with technology that can help them in the classroom, and more.


And now, these are the 3 criteria we enforce with all home-tutoring groups.


But we didn’t just make this up. These 3 factors are actually time-tested and proven to accomplish everything we’re aiming for. For proof, we need to look no further than the country many experts say has the greatest public education system in the world…


How Learning Pods Are Being Used To Flatten The Curve


It may be hard to believe that other countries have already been using “Learning Pods” for decades in their public school systems – but it’s the reality in nations like Finland.


In fact, Finland has been so effective in leveraging the criteria I mentioned above that they were able to open their schools back up and drop new cases of Coronavirus to nearly 0.


Just take a look:


But Learning Pods aren’t just keeping Finnish kids from exposure to Coronavirus. The benefits go beyond that…

Learning Pods Have Also Been Proven To Boost Scores In Science, Math, and Reading


In countries like Finland where the public education system follows the 3 criteria I mentioned earlier, students score incredibly high in Science, Math, and Reading.


(Three skills that are known to be predictors of a child’s future success.)


Check out these rankings published by PEW Research. They show how far ahead students in Finland are in each of these three skillsets:


See how Finnish kids eclipse our students thanks to their Learning Pods?


PEW Research even goes as far as saying that they score “significantly higher” in Science, Math, and Reading. And for parents in Finland who plan on sending their kids to college and university, this is a Godsend. Their children have the foundations to achieve their goals – whether that’s to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a successful businessperson.


Wouldn’t it be great if your kids had that same level of opportunity?


And what’s more is that…


This Approach Teaches Kids To Love Learning


Students actually love Learning Pods so much in Finland that the country has a 0% dropout rate.


Imagine the possibilities for your kiddo’s future if they fell in love with learning. If they were absolutely motivated to show up and succeed every single day. Wouldn’t that take a lot of anxiety off your mind?

Learning Pods really are our best weapon in the fight against COVID-19.


Let me show you how easy it is to create your own…


Here’s How You Can Start Your Own Learning Pod In 3 Simple Steps


In-home group tutoring doesn’t have to be complicated.


All you’ve gotta do is:


  1. Find Other Families You Trust

    Who you choose for your Pod is critical for the safety of those involved. To minimize your children’s risk of catching and spreading COVID-19, pick 2-3 families that are as careful as yours. Choose families who spend more time at home, limit social contact, and wear masks when they go out.

  2. Pick A Location

    You get to choose the environment for your Pod. Ideally, this’ll be in one of the families’ homes. As long as you have a room that’s big enough for all of the kids participating, you’re set!

  3. Contact A Specialized Educator

    Most teachers will likely return to the classroom once schools open. If you can manage to work with your school district to find someone for your pod, excellent! Otherwise, we’d be more than happy to connect you with a specialized educator through our extensive network.

    The specialized educator will come to the home where you’re hosting your Pod and engage in hands-on learning with your kids. He or she will either create a completely customized home-school curriculum, or assist your children in their online classes. Whichever you choose, your kids will have a chance to learn in a small classroom setting and participate in regular activities and socialization WITHOUT coming into contact with COVID-19.

Scenario 1 – Same Age Homeschooling

Picture This:


You drop your kids off at the Pod. It’s a huge playroom that you’ve converted into a classroom. Each student gets their own space, just like if they were in school.


Based on the material that your state requires students to learn, your educator designs a curriculum. She writes out the schedule for the day on her white board and checks in with her students. Thanks to the small class sizes, kids are comfortable asking for help when they need it. Unlike the regular classroom environment, there's no anxiety in opening up to the teacher and classmates.


As they work through the day’s tasks, the educator leads the kids in theory and hands-on learning. They do individual work and get to tackle problems together as a group. The teacher understands that every child learns differently, and gives opportunities for each of the kids to shine.


The Pod gives her the chance to provide guidance to the group and specialized attention to each of her students. And because they’re in a safe environment, they’re free to interact with each other as much as they want to.

Scenario 2 – Mixed-Age Homeschooling


Picture This:


You’re a busy mom with multiple kids. You don’t feel comfortable sending them back to school while the pandemic is still ravaging the country. Instead, you team up with 2 or 3 other families and create a mixed-age Learning Pod.


Your educator has been specially trained on how to conduct home school for kids of different ages. He starts by learning about each of his students. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Where will they need more attention? How do they learn best? With this information handy, he tailors each curriculum for your kids to succeed.


He uses strategies that are designed to work with students from different grades. That could mean presenting the same subject to all the kids at once and handing out assignments with different levels of difficulty. It could also mean that he lets the older kids work together to solve problems while giving more attention to his younger students.


The educator will work hands-on with each of the kids and help them as much as they need – but there’s also a hidden benefit to this type of Learning Pod. The students will learn to work independently without being disconnected from the teacher. That means that your kids develop a strong foundation for critical thinking and getting things done on their own – a skillset that's vital for middle-school, high school, and college.

Scenario 3 – Mixed Age Online Classes

Picture This:


Students show up early for the Pod with a smile on their faces. They love that you’ve created a Learning Pod because they’re able to spend time with their friends. You love the Learning Pod because you know it’s keeping them safe and on-track with their schooling.


The educator keeps in touch with the schools and has a good idea of what each student will be learning today. She helps them set up for their online classes and hosts activities and discussions while your kids wait for their teachers.


Each of the students is given their own room so that they can focus on their classes without distraction. The educator checks in on each of them regularly – and brings them back together so that they can socialize during recess and lunchtime.


If you need the educator to work with your kids after the regular school day is over, she’ll gladly help them with homework. She might even pair students up so that the older kids can mentor the younger ones. This way, younger students get one-on-one attention and the older kids get to develop stronger problem-solving and communication skills.

7 Ways Learning Pods Will Benefit You & Your Kiddos
  • Being a parent is already stressful enough without having children at home 24/7. Learning Pods will give you the much-needed alone-time you’ve been forced to live without for over half-a-year now.

  • Are you worried about letting your children spend time around other kids and people you don’t monitor? Learning Pods let you hand-pick the other students from families you trust – that way you minimize the risk of exposing your loved ones to the virus.

  • SAVE YOURSELF from overpriced tutoring services with our affordable rates. (Our competition has been known to charge as much as $100 per hour for group sessions over Zoom…)

  • The easiest way for your children to get on the fast-track to success is to learn from highly-qualified teachers. At Jill’s, all of our tutors are personally vetted so your kids only learn from the best.

  • Take advantage of the small class sizes to get your kiddos the attention they deserve. Because each teacher will only be responsible for a handful of kids, they can tailor their teaching styles to fit their students. (Instead of forcing them to memorize from a textbook and stay quiet like they do in school.)

  • When teachers in public schools see a kid who’s struggling, there isn’t much they can do to help. But with fewer students, educators are there for your kids when they need it. This creates lasting relationships and a love for learning.

  • Learning Pods are based on the same strategies that schools in Finland use to skyrocket scores in Science, Math, and Reading. Imagine how much of an advantage your kiddos will have over their classmates thanks to your decision to put them in a Learning Pod…


What do you think?


Would Learning Pods be beneficial for you and your kids?


If you answered yes, please keep in mind that…

As A Parent Who Cares, You’ve Only Got 3 Options…


Your kids have already been out of school for nearly 6 months, and you’ve seen the impact it’s had on them.


You know that keeping your kiddos home and away from people is the safest thing right now. But sometimes it seems like it’ll last forever.


It hurts when you look into your baby’s eyes and see that they just aren’t themselves anymore.


They might not come out and say it, but your mom-senses are through the roof.


It kills you to see your baby sulking, lonely, bored…


But this is the “new normal.”


And it could go on for months – or even years.


So you weigh your options…

Option 1: Wait for September to roll around. Send your kids back to school. Pray every day that they don’t have another kid in their class that’s going to get them sick.

Are you willing to risk the potential lifelong health complication your babies could experience because another kid’s parents are irresponsible and don’t take the proper precautions?


I know I wouldn’t.

Option 2: If you’re lucky, your kids have the choice to take online classes.


Is this a good way to keep them safe from COVID?




Is it a good choice if you care about their academic success and social life?


Not so much.


According to the latest research from the International Forum of Educational Technology & Society, online learning could negatively affect your child’s learning achievements because most school teachers haven’t been trained in how to effectively conduct online classes.


… and your kids are still stuck inside all day by themselves with no friends around.


This doesn’t sound like a very good alternative to Option 1, does it?


You either risk their health or their education and their happiness…



Option 3: Find an alternative.


You need to be able to find something which promotes academic success, the same way in-school learning does.


You also need to find something that eliminates the risk of infection, the same way online learning does.


And wouldn’t it be great if you could give your kids a chance to be around their closest friends?


That’s the reality of Learning Pods.


And starting your own is as simple as clicking the button below and having a quick chat with the Jill’s Tutors team.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…

Learning Pods Accommodate ALL Learning Styles


If you’re a parent who understands the struggle of having a kid who suffers from dyslexia, ADHD, autism, or who has an IEP, it’s your duty to be skeptical when you hear big promises like the ones I’m making.


So if you’re wondering whether this approach would be effective for your child, I applaud you.


And based on my own experience (and multiple studies), I can confidently promise that all children benefit from smaller class sizes and increased attention from teachers.


Your child gets to learn at their own pace, in a style that works for them.


Best of all, they get to do it in a bully-free environment.


So if anything, this might be the solution that finally helps your kid fall in love with learning and sets them on the path to future success.


Let Me Be Real With You For A Second


Now if you’re still here, let’s wrap this up with a lil’ heart-to-heart.


If you’re a parent who cares about doing your best for your kids…


If you plan on keeping your kids out of school until the situation settles down (who knows how long that’ll be)...


If you want your kids to excel in Science, Math, and Reading – probably even surpassing their classmates…


If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to expensive tutors…


If your kid needs a little more help and you’re struggling to find someone who can set them on the path to higher education…




If you’re looking for a much-needed break from 24/7 parenting – whether that’s because you’re working from home and need to focus, have to get back to your office soon, or just because you need a moment to yourself…


Then Learning Pods are the solution you’ve been waiting for.


I look forward to your call so we can figure out how to make this a rewarding and impactful experience for you, your kiddos, and the other families you’re planning on inviting.



Founder, Jill's Tutors

P.S. Here Are Some Questions Other Parents Have Asked Before Saying “Yes” To Learning Pods


  1. How can I be sure my kids will be safe from the virus?

    With Learning Pods, you’re in total control. You choose who participates – and the classroom is only accessible to the families you trust most. The educators will observe all of the best safety practices, including regularly washing their hands, wearing masks, and avoiding gatherings.

  2. What if I have kids who are in different grades?

    Because our educators are personally vetted, you’ll only ever be matched up with a teacher who’s trained to handle the spread and keep your kids on track to reintegrate into the public curriculum when you decide that the time is right.

  3. Will I need to supervise?

    No! You can take the time your kids spend in the Pod to get work done, clean the house, or (if you’re anything like me) take a well-deserved nap!

  4. How is this different from hiring a tutor?

    Hiring individual tutors or working with a tutoring company for many hours (to replace a full school day) can get expensive. Here at Jill’s, we’ve decided to take an “Affordable Private Education” approach. That way your kids can enjoy the benefits of a private education and you don’t need to break the bank.

  5. How does this work with State Testing?

    It’s natural for parents to feel a little bit of anxiety around having to prepare their kids for state testing – and it’s not your fault. You’re not a trained teacher, after all. Thankfully, our educators are, and they’re fully equipped to prepare kids in any grade level for state tests and other mandatory evaluations.

  6. What if my kiddos have an IEP or they’re taking AP classes? Will the educator be able to adapt?

    Absolutely! When we match you to a tutor, we’re sure to pick the one who best suits your child’s needs – whether that’s working through advanced AP material or giving them a little more help in subjects where they have an IEP.

  7. This sounds great! How can I get started?

Why Clients Love Us

No Placement Tests

We'll never make your child take a 2-hour "tutoring placement test" for $150+. We'll get you help straight away.

No Sneaky Upcharges

Our pricing is straight-forward. We'll never tack on any "at home" up-charges or obscure "fees" at the end of the month.

More Affordable

Our rates are as much as 25%+ cheaper than the big tutoring chains. Expert help doesn't have to break the bank.

Run By a Real Teacher 

At the helm of Jill's Tutors is a real, experienced teacher, tutor, and parent. You can talk to her anytime.

Hear From Happy

Students &


Man with Crossed Arms

"I want to provide a personal "Dad" thank you from the depths of my heart. Jill has been the PERFECT educator for our son's first grade year. We have seen Luke grow such much. Thanks for making a difference in our family's lives."

- Dan K.

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