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5 Tactics for Sailing Through Summer Classes

Summer school is a great time to revisit subjects you struggled with during the school year and to get ahead in your classes to boost your GPA.

But with summer school comes those summertime distractions. We hear ya! Who wouldn’t rather be at the beach instead of studying for an exam?

Nevertheless, summer school isn’t a time to slack off – you’re already there, so try to make the most of it.

Luckily, at Jill’s Tutors we’ve got you covered - check out our 5 tactics to help you sail through your summer classes!

1. Utilize subject material from previous semesters: Whether you are retaking a class in summer school for a better grade or taking a class to get advanced credits, a great way to prepare for the session is to revisit your own notes and materials from the school year or to review a friend’s notes and materials from that subject. Take advantage of resources like past class notes, textbook readings, handouts, and practice questions or exams. This will give you the upper hand in your summer school class since subjects move at a much quicker pace.

2. Don't make the teacher's life any harder than it already is: Let's be real... You or your child's teacher doesn't want to be in the classroom during the summer either! They have the same workload and EVEN LESS time to manage it all. But here's the truth based on years of teaching experience: Trying to make a teacher's life a little easier will often translate into positive results in the gradebook! But this only works if you're proactive and consistent. That means participating in class in a productive way, submitting assignments on time or even early, and generally touching base with the teacher early on to prove your determination to succeed.

3. Mark all deadlines: As we mentioned before, summer school is a much more accelerated version of the subject than you would be taking in a normal semester. And one of the hardest parts of summer school is that you will have the same workload and number of exams as in a normal semester. In fact, some classes may test you every week! This is why it’s so important to know all of your dates for exams and assignments. Keep your syllabus for each class handy and jot down all of your important testing and assignment dates in a planner or on your digital calendar.

4. Form or join a study group: A great way to get your schoolwork done and to better understand the material is to form or join a study group with your classmates. Nothing helps you digest a new subject or concept better than explaining what you have learned to someone else. In a study group, you can take turns describing the concepts you have learned to each other and dig into areas where each of you have struggled. We recommend meeting at least twice a week, since summer classes move so rapidly. Plus, it’s always nice to get in some social time and a study group is a great way to make a few new friends while getting a better grasp on your summer material.

5. Get help immediately if you start to struggle: We can’t stress this enough – summer classes move very fast, which means if you start to fall behind at any point things will only get much harder and more confusing for you. Don’t wait to seek help. Whether it’s talking with your teacher or teacher’s aide about the concepts, or working with an online tutor, it’s important to get that extra support right away. At Jill’s Tutors, we work with an award-winning teacher’s network of educators and top tutors, with online and remote tutoring available! No matter what subject you’re struggling with, we will pair you with a tutor who meets your specific needs.

By following these 5 tactics for learning success, you’ll be sure to sail through your summer classes and boost that GPA!

And if you need a little extra help, Jill’s Tutors is here to serve! Simply visit our website, call or text 512-598-5135 or email us at, and we’ll set you up with one of our talented, remote educators.

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