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Your Guide to Virtual Summer Camp in 2021

Image Credit: @ArtemKniaz

May is coming to a close and you know what that means… school’s out! It’s officially summer time which means vacations, sports, the beach, and no school for most kids.

While hope is on the horizon to resume some sense of a normal life this summer, there’s still a lot of uncertainty looming. It’s hard to plan something in advance when you’re unsure of what’s going to happen in the form of rules and restrictions, as well as safety.

There’s one summer activity that still remains up in the air… summer camp!

Summer camp can come in all shapes and sizes. Ranging from sports, to education, to hobbies. There’s no shortage of summer camps available to your children in their personal areas of interest.

You can check with your local governments and business to see what your in-person options are when it comes to summer camp.

But we don’t need to worry about that because today I'm going to be sharing the best virtual summer camps for your young ones in 2021!

Virtual summer camps provide a way for children to socialize with others and prevent summer learning loss. It’s also a great opportunity for families who want to keep their children’s education growing. Here are some online summer camps to keep your child's mind active over summer break.

Let’s dig in…


Whether you’re looking for a teacher for a specific grade or an instructor with a background in numerous subjects, Jill’s Tutors has a wide variety of online tutors and educators available for all disciplines and all levels of learning.

You can call or text us anytime at 512-812-9502 or email us at, and we’ll help you find the best solution for your needs.


Going Virtual

#1 Camp YouTube

Camp Youtube runs video camps on different topics that involve STEM, arts, adventure, just to name a few. Virtual campers can choose any of them and learn new skills at their own pace. It's a great choice for kids and families that want to learn new things together from the safety and comfort of their own homes. All the videos are completely free to watch and taught by expert instructors in the subject. Students can also find videos on making the traditional summer camp recipes and the art and craft projects to pass the time.

I mentioned that it’s all completely free, right?

Go here for more information.

#2 Maker Summer Camp

Makers Summer Camp focuses on hands-on learning for students. It's a project-focused camp where your camper builds things based on their own personal interests. With a focus on science, technology, and art, it brings a handful of disciplines together. Your child receives daily activities they may enjoy ranging from creating slime to building unique art portraits. The camp has a huge community of campers and teachers (who are extremely enthusiastic may I add!), so chances are someone in your local community might also be participating in it. They routinely host live shows from instructors doing things such as magic tricks, Minecraft coding and paper planes.

Click here to catch all the details.

#3 TechKnowHow Online (LEGO®)

This camp is for your LEGO enthusiasts! TechKnowHow Online provides an enjoyable online experience in LEGO® engineering.

This camp is offered for all campers ranging ages 5-17 years old.

A parent was so impressed with this camp they even left this impressive review:

“This is by far the best coding program! My kids learned a lot in their coding camps and developed further interest in coding. They ran the camps in a way that the kids were completely independent, not needing my help.”

How it works, you ask? Your student can enjoy teacher-led Zoom STEM sessions. Three days for an hour each day which will run you about $180 per day.

Go here for more information.

#4 Happy Camper Live

Happy Camper Live provides a safe and INSPIRING environment with comprehensive and inclusive storytelling sparking discovery and building the confidence of a new generation of Happy Campers.

Their website states:“Camp is about community, and at Happy Camper Live we’re dedicated to making an impact in this world one happy act at a time. We are committed to raising awareness for important non-profit camps around the globe who offer meaningful and life-changing experiences for campers with all different needs.”

From arts and crafts and sports to photography and magic, Happy Camper Live will give your kiddo a real camp feel at home — there's even a virtual campfire! You can stock up on some camp gear ahead of time to really make your child feel like they're at camp.

Read even more information by clicking here.

#5 iD Tech

If you've got an older kid at home who's s tech-savvy, then iD Tech's virtual classes are probably right up their alley. These classes — recommended for kids ages 7 and up — teach computer animation, app building, and your kid can even learn how to design for Minecraft. This camp's not free, but once you pay for one child, a sibling or friend can join for free!

From the camps website,“Virtual Tech Camps are the perfect way to sharpen your STEM skills and bond with new friends, all online from the comfort of home. With the highest quality remote instruction on the planet, you’ll unlock your brilliance and create an exciting project.

Use code* HELLOSUMMER21 to save $150 on Virtual Tech Camps or $250 on Virtual Tech Academies through May 31st.”

See all the details here.

#6 Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets' "Start with a Book" program is free and sort of an online book club for kids ages 6 and up. With 24 topics — including dinosaurs, time travel, and sports — to choose from, your child will be matched with the books to check out as well as corresponding activities, apps, and ideas to keep the fun going after the book's done.

The free resources from Start with a Book build on what young children already like — dinosaurs, building, animals, sports, superheroes and music — so that parents, camp counselors, and others can have fun and interact meaningfully with children while helping to strengthen their reading skills.

Get the full rundown here.

P.S. If you're looking for some extra tutoring help this summer, give Jill’s Tutors a call or text at 512-812-9502 or email us at — after that, we’ll set you up with one of our talented, remote educators!

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