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5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Socially Distanced Fall Semester

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

School is officially in session!

While this doesn’t look like it’s shaping up to be a typical school year for our students, it’s still important that students, parents, and teachers make the most out of our current situation.

Just because our students are learning from home again (for the most part), it doesn’t mean this school year shouldn’t be packed with lots of education and fun things to do.

Check out our 5 tips to make the most out of your socially distanced school year below!

1. Get involved in the community: While parents and students will be working and learning from home again this semester, a great way to mix things up is to get involved in your community.

Finding new ways to give back – whether it’s donating your time or things like food, clothes, and other essentials – feels great and also leaves a positive impact on your community. Click here for some terrific volunteer programs in Austin!

2. Get creative: While most of us are still trying to limit our social activities, it doesn’t mean your kids should lose out on time with their friends. A great way for them to stay in communication with their friends is through online platforms like Zoom and TikTok, and other video sharing programs. These are great spaces for creating fun video content with their pals, and they’ll learn some new digital technologies too.

3. Make a quarantine group: While socially distancing is still the safest option right now, getting in some regular social interaction is important too. Making a quarantine group with a select number of people who you can be in closer contact with is good for creating a little more social normalcy for parents and kids.

If you’ve already placed your child in a learning pod this semester, this group of kids and families could also double as your families’ quarantine group for setting up some extracurricular activities throughout the semester.

4. Get outdoors: There is nothing better than some fresh air! Making sure kids spend plenty of time outdoors and involved in regular exercise is a great way to help them stay active with friends, stay in shape, and get those needed breaks from their schoolwork. Plus, spending time with people outside, while staying 6-feet apart, has been proven to be a lot safer. Whether it’s going for a bike ride or a hike, or maybe just reading a book outside, spending time outdoors is important for everyone.

5. Keep kids accountable: We know working and learning from home is not an ideal situation for any parent or child. How can a parent be expected to monitor their kid’s online learning while getting their own work done? Luckily, there are a lot of online resources to help bring a little balance to this situation. Online tutoring companies, like Jill’s Tutors, work with an extensive teacher’s network of tutors and educators, who specialize in all areas of learning and in all subjects. Setting up regular online tutoring sessions are a great way to keep your kid accountable, while making sure they don’t fall behind in their classes.

No matter what the school year brings, Jill’s Tutors is here to support your child’s educational success!

Whether your student has fallen behind in school or is struggling with their online or in-person learning requirements, we’re here to help. Simply visit our website, call or text 512-598-5135 or email us at, and we’ll set you up with one of our talented nationwide educators.

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