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How to Ace Your Final Exams During COVID-19

Finals season is finally upon us!

We’ve all been adjusting to these school closures and online classes since the COVID-19 crisis hit earlier this year.

While it remains uncertain if and when classes will resume again on campus, it’s important to stay proactive about your education.

Like the end of any school year, this means it’s time for finals. So, finish on a high with our tips and tricks for how to ace your final exams during COVID-19.

1. Keep a strict study schedule: Yes, it’s easy to get distracted right now. It’s easy to want to slack off. But, it’s so important that you take control of your own education. The people suffering the most from these school closures are the students. While you may have some more time on your hands with less schoolwork these days, it’s important to sit down and really plan out your study schedule for finals. Utilize things like your phone, a daily planner, or a calendar to plan time slots to study for each class. This will ensure you have set aside enough time to study for every subject … and hold you accountable for completing these study sessions on a regular basis.

2. Map out your exam schedule: In addition to keeping a strict study schedule, it’s important to add dates for each of your exams and final projects. Without the regular routine of attending classes, lectures, and exams on campus, it’s easy to forget some of these key dates … especially when you’re taking these tests from home. Again, use a daily planner, a calendar, or the calendar on your phone to help keep track of your finals so you don’t miss a beat!

3. Turn off the distractions: Like we mentioned before, there’s a lot less accountability in these online classes – and it’s easy to get distracted especially while studying at home with access to things like the television and the internet. Find a separate room or area in your home that you can dedicate just for studying. Try to avoid spaces that are a little too comfortable, like a couch or a bed. You’ll want to find a space that keeps you accountable and motivates you to work.

4. Take advantage of online platforms: During the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve all become more familiar with online video conferencing platforms like Zoom. And while we can’t meet up with our friends – in person – to form study groups, Zoom hangouts are an excellent tool for creating virtual study sessions with your peers.

In addition to online platforms like Zoom, services like Jill’s Tutors offer one-on-one online tutoring for all subjects and all levels. Click here to learn more.

5. Take care of yourself: Whether prepping for finals in class or from home, it’s so important that you take time for yourself and practice self-care. Make sure to take breaks when you need to and schedule some extra time for activities outside of schoolwork. Exercising, reading, watching a movie, taking a nap or catching up with friends and family online is a great way to recharge and to prevent burnout. During finals week, make sure to get enough sleep. A late-night study session the day before your finals is not going to help you perform at your optimal level. Having a good 8 hours of sleep the night before your final exams will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the day!

By following our guidelines and with enough planning and preparation, you’ll be sure to ace your finals!

And if you need a little extra help, Jill’s Tutors is here to serve! Simply visit our website, call or text 512-598-5135 or email us at, and we’ll set you up with one of our talented, remote educators.

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