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Six Tips for Finishing the School Year Strong

Well, we’ve finally made it to March and you know what that means? Only 2-4 more months of school! (Depending on where you live.)

As we near the halfway mark of the second semester, there’s no doubt students will be getting restless and less motivated. Especially those who have been remote learning for — I can’t believe it — but almost a year now. And for those still remote learning, I’m sure we can all agree that the end couldn’t come soon enough.

It can be challenging to keep our students' minds focused when they can see the light at the end of this long tunnel. But have no fear! We have been preparing for this moment and are here to help you with these challenges.

Staying and Finishing Strong

Take a look at these six most beneficial tips for helping your child finish out the school year on top.

Tip # 1: Staying organized. Keeping your child organized will not only benefit their work, but also your sanity. It can be super stressful when trying to assist in class/homework when your child’s school work is all over the place, literally. Maintaining folders/binders/etc. with labels can help to reduce scatterbrain.

Teaching organization from a young age is also beneficial to your child gaining their independence as well as learning time management skills early on. This will help them continue to produce their best school work.

Click here for free, easy-to-use schedule template by Microsoft.

Tip # 2: Consistent routines. Having a routine set in stone is important, especially for our e-learners. When children are in school, their whole day is structured. U

nlike e-learning, they are on and off the computer but what structure do they have when in between breaks or classes?

Maintaining a variation of a school day can assist in keeping their focus on school work instead of other activities going on in the home during school hours. A routine can give your child the sustenance they need to excel this semester.

Utilizing the schedule template in that I shared above can also assist in creating a consistent environment for your students.


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Tip # 3: Outlet for stress. For a kid in a pandemic, it would be uncommon for them to be perfectly unbothered. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has brought stress upon all of us, even the littles. So, letting your child be just that, a child, is very important.

Whether it is a socially distanced play date, COVID safe sports, or even an hour on the iPad, allowing them to have an outlet for their own stressors can help increase their performance in school work.

These are examples of stress relief for children.

Tip # 4: Make use of your planner. We all need to keep our lives straight somehow. So why not utilize your planner, or even your iPhone calendar? Students receive free planners each year from their school. Making use of this item can contribute to your child’s success in the classroom.

The first tip we mentioned was staying organized. Well, a big step to helping your child stay organized is having them use their planner. Start with small steps such as writing down homework assignments and their due dates.

As this becomes routine, your child will be able to record all important dates/assignments/days off/etc without giving it a second thought!

There are many free templates available on the internet. For example, Temploola offers a few that you can download and print right at home.

Tip # 5: Be accountable. Taking responsibility for your actions is a concept we try to teach our children from a young age. When it comes to school aged children we need to be sure they are being held accountable.

As parents, we should be able to trust that our children are getting quality assignments done on time.

Of course for a while they’ll need our guidance but they will catch on. Accountability can aid a child throughout their school years and into college. Making it a good tool to practice for the remainder of the semester.

If you don’t know where to start, Empowering Parents wrote an article on creating a culture of accountability with your children.

Tip # 6: Breaks encouraged. We should think of our children as small adults. School is their workplace and home is their time to unwind. Just as it is for us.

We need occasional breaks, so why wouldn’t they? Schedule breaks into their daily routine. Just a 5 minute break of breathing or a brain break activity can take their focus from 0 to 100 very quickly!

Brain breaks help increase blood flow and they send new oxygen to your child’s brain to help get them back on track in the classroom.

Here is a page full of brain breaks for all ages. You can also find some examples on Youtube. A couple breaks worked into your child’s routine can lead to positive impacts in focus on school work.

While we are all anxious for the end of the school year to come around, it is important that we do our best to keep our children from falling behind. From parent to teacher to our own title at work, this year has been tough on everyone having to wear the many hats that being stuck at home has brought us.

With these surefire tips, your child will finish second semester stronger than ever!


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