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Three Ways to Build Quality Time into Your Routine

“Quality time.” What does that even mean these days?

A quick google search will tell you that quality time is “time spent in giving another person one's undivided attention in order to strengthen a relationship, especially with reference to working parents and their child or children.”

Stuck in the house all day, every day with your kids, during a pandemic — surely that constitutes quality time… right?

The part that most people tend to forget when it comes to quality time is the “undivided attention” aspect. It’s not enough to just be in the company of your kids. Your full attention has to be given for them to fully receive all of the benefits of spending time together.

Our typical lifestyles often result in less quality time spent together as a family, and with your kids. It’s so important to spend quality and meaningful time with kids and bond with them.

This time has a direct impact on a child’s social and emotional development.

Most importantly, it’s not about the quantity of time spent together, but the quality of it.

The Importance of Time Spent

So, why is spending quality time with your child so crucial? Children need high-quality time with their parents – and that is what matters and what is most beneficial to their emotional and behavioral wellbeing and development.

That being said, here are four important benefits:

  1. Reducing stress: Maintaining your job, studying, parenting, and other duties can be stressful, but spending time with your child can act as a stress-reliever.

  2. Fostering a strong bond: Spending time with your child can help you secure a strong bond for years to come.

  3. Creating a loving and supportive environment: When there is mutual respect and admiration in the household, it creates a loving environment.

  4. Learning to appreciate the individuality of your child: The older your family gets, the more you begin to have a mix of personalities. And it’s usually when you spend quality time with your kids, you start to appreciate the diversity.

These important benefits and so much more creates a space that allows them to share, talk, and listen.


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Three Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

I know we are all busy and just trying our best to keep everything together – kids, work, schedules, and so much more.

But we can do it!

Let’s dive right into three ways to spend quality time with kids.

1. Play a game together

A timeless way to spend together. Not to mention super easy and affordable as well. Family games teach so many lessons, bring out the best smiles and really bring family members closer together.

This is your chance to put the iPad away and play a hands on game together.

Setting a family night tradition is simply an awesome tradition.

We often get so caught up with life and think, “I’ll make time for that one of these days.”

But then, one of these days never comes, or you wake up and suddenly your kids are teenagers and you can’t even get them to sit in the same room with you let alone try to plan a weekly family fun night.

It’s also important to indulge in the games your children enjoy playing.

If your child has a favorite game in your home, learn how to play! It’s great for kids to see their parents enjoying something they like. If you ignore their passion, it could discourage them and may give the impression that what they like is not worthy, and we never want our children to feel this way.

You may hate playing the Nintendo, but I guarantee that’s a memory your child will hold onto forever!

2. Work on chores together

This is your chance to create a playlist with everyone’s favorite songs and enjoy a kitchen dance party as you and your child get some chores finished. It will be fun bonding time but more than that, helping with chores will make your child feel proud and teach them responsibility.

Children usually need to clean their rooms often, which is the perfect opportunity to do it together. I know it can be frustrating when kids don’t clean up after themselves but by spreading the positive parenting message through helping — rather than yelling, frustration, or other negative feelings.

While you spend this time together, you’ll come across items that spark conversations and memories too.

It should come as no surprise that kids secretly love to help, too.

Kids who help out around the house will begin to see themselves as important contributors to the family. This brings connection and an increased sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

Research has shown that those children who do have a set of chores have higher self-esteem, are more responsible, and are better able to deal with frustration and delay gratification, all of which contribute to greater success in school.

This is also the perfect excuse to use a chore chart! Grab a free one here.

3. Get active and work out with each other!

Just get outside, enjoy nature, talk, and get some exercise. This is a great way to bond while releasing some steam and energy!

Even just going on a light walk has shown to improve kids concentration and promote a sense of calm and happiness (perfect for just before bedtime if you ask me!).

Try letting your child navigate the walk. This will promote independence, freedom, and exploration.

The truth is kids love playing with their parents.Spending the time exercising together promotes bonding, gets them engaged, and can even burn a few calories.

Even if you don’t want to leave the house and get outside, there’s plenty of ways to get active in the house. Oftentimes, you can even turn it into a fun game!

I hope this inspires you to set aside some time every day or every week in order to spend quality time with your family.

This is a great way to make sure no one else schedules other activities during these times. Children who spend good time with their parents participating in activities together build a positive sense of self-worth.

Most importantly, family time means you can just have fun and enjoy each other’s company! There are many ways in which parents can spend quality time and bond with their kids. All it takes is some commitment and some great ideas!

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